How to support your body to be healthy?

A lot of ways to support your body to be healthy ,such as taking supplements,exercise and eating healthy foods and it’s all depend on what you would like to achieve in your health or goal .But what is your goal? Do you want to be fit ?Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to slow your aging? Do you want to boost your metabolism?etc,that is why you have to feel and listen your body needs to know what’s lack into it .

Here I’m sharing my fresh ginger tea

To prepare:

1. 2 inch of fresh ginger and peel it ,then slice it but I preferred to diced ,it depend on how strong you want to .

2. 2 cups of water or 1 1/2 if your only one who drinks it .then boil it for about 5 or 10 minutes

3.strain and pour it into mug or cup .

What are the benefits of ginger?


.Good for digestion it helps to prevent colon cancer

.boost for immune system

.contain of antioxidants

.helps to prevent high blood pressure

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