Yes purpose ! I often heard that word like What ‘s your purpose in your life and What‘s your purpose on dating someone, that word “purpose ” keep us going to overcome the challenge and to get what we desired and needs

But I’m talking about food here ,most of us struggles to lose weight ;to gain more weight ,and any problem in our body due to nutritional deficiencies .I have been starting health-conscious since 2008 and I tend to focus more on the benefits that I got on particular food instead of focusing on delicious but I’m not saying that healthy is not delicious , so I had to stop eating sweet like cakes and meats and that I asked myself why I’m doing this ? What’s my purpose ? What’s my reason ?What I’m fighting for ?what do want to achieved ? But here’s my simply answer” I just want to be healthy ” some people says: that if we’re gonna die then die

For me at least I did something for myself and for my health that I tried my best to take care of my body ,I believed that we can prevent diseases as long as ,We know how to be responsible for ourselves.No need to be fancy food to be healthy ,We need a good quality of food natural I mean pure ,

Here I’m sharing with with you my meal for today :)) squash and okra or ladies finger

#Eattolive #healthylifestyle

#livehealthywithpurpose #medicinefood #

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