Puttanesca sauce with fish



4 gloves garlic

Mozzarella cheese

2 spoon of Capers


Whole peeled tomatoes






Puttanesca sauce with fish


1.First prepare all ingredients for the sauce and in the bowl add all purpose flour and pepper ,sprinkle salt to fish and place it to bowl then fry it and set aside after .

2.heat the pan and sauté garlic and onion add tomato paste ,whole peeled tomatoes with juice add 1/4 cup of water ,capers and olives then put salt pepper add 1 spoon of sugar and sprinkle 1 spoon of Parmesan cheese then put the fish and let boil for about 2 minutes .add basil and cover it for for 5 seconds then serve it .

Note .don’t overcook the basil

Bitter melon

I love the combination of these food and the benefits on it , especially the bitter melon although the taste it’s not that good for people who preferred to “better taste ” but when it comes to benefits bitter melon is winner into it

There are a lot of ways to cook it ,mix it with eggs and salad with onion and lemon it’s all up to you ,what do you like and how you like to cook it but me ,I boiled it with the lady ginger


Slice bitter into 5

Put water on the pan and boil it , put the bitter melon and lady finger or okra just enough to be soften don’t over cook it .

Serve it with smoked fish and rice